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LifeWorks meets Microsoft Teams

Success in the future of work starts with wellbeing

What if your people had the tools to make mental health and wellness support an integral part of their workday?
How would that change employee engagement in your workplace?
How could it transform your organisation’s productivity, and your ability to attract and retain talent?

See the wellbeing experience LifeWorks offers your people in Microsoft Teams!

Immediate supportAccess immediate counselling, coaching and telemedicine support to resolve wellbeing concerns quickly, confidentially and conveniently.
Proactive WellbeingTake a wellbeing assessment and access CareNow self-guided support to achieve better mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing.
Sustainable Healthy HabitsJoin wellbeing challenges, recognize colleagues, and keep up with personalized wellbeing content daily to put wellbeing at the heart of your workday.

Bring wellbeing to your people where they are

  • LifeWorks mental health and wellbeing resources and services are instantly accessible, putting them top of mind and part of people’s daily routine at work
  • Proactively look after health and wellbeing and get help when needed
  • Encourage proactive support and timely connection when help is needed
  • Highlight your investment in mental health and wellbeing, and make it visible part of the employee experience

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Make your employees feel loved