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Financial Well-being: Feel Rewarded

Improve your employees’ financial well-being with savings on everyday purchases and important life events, such as getting married, buying a home or car, family outings and holidays. Employees can enjoy thousands of gift cards, in-store and online discounts, as well as cashback offers paid directly into their wallet and save up to £1,928 per year.

Attract and keep the best people

In a competitive job market it’s not all about
the paycheck.

According to Glassdoor, around 60% of job seekers say perks are a major incentive when looking for a job and 80% prefer additional benefits over a pay increase.

Help your employees save money on daily essentials and key life events

  • Cinema Discounts

    Discounted cinema tickets & bundles

  • Gift card discounts

    Gift card discounts up to 12%

  • Boosted cashback

    100% boosted cashback

  • in-store voucher codes

    In-store voucher codes

  • online voucher codes

    Online voucher codes

  • Get help with your home move with a free concierge service worth £290

  • Season Ticket Loan Scheme

    Health & Well-being offers

  • restaurant discounts

    Restaurant & dining discounts

  • Salary Sacrifice

    Salary sacrifice

  • Host your own offers

  • Wallet

    Wallet – where your savings accrue

  • Gym membership discounts

    Gym discounts at major UK gyms

Promote your wider company benefits

Corporate perks can be a powerful means of looking after your people, so that they, in turn, look after your organisation with heightened engagement and productivity. But do your people even know all of the perks that are available to them?

Whether your brand’s organisational wellness initiatives take the form of discount codes for major retailers, cinema tickets or bundles, or all manner of other employee benefits, you can make them more visible by promoting them together in one place.


FAQs about Perks & Schemes

What are perks at work?

While there are various interpretations of what might constitute a work ‘perk’ as opposed to a ‘benefit’, the common understanding is that corporate perks in the UK are additional to an employee’s basic salary.

Perks at work can therefore be appreciated as ‘lift-me-ups’ or extras that may help to attract new workers and retain existing people, all while boosting satisfaction on the job.

What are employee discount programmes?

Once upon a time, most companies may have largely presumed their people to be happy with a salary and a desk. Those days, however, are long gone.

Ambitious people don’t think solely about their headline remuneration, and one thing they will almost certainly think about is employee perks. Indeed, Glassdoor found that six in 10 jobseekers considered perks to be a major incentive when looking for a job. What’s more, 80% prefer additional benefits over a higher salary.

Such findings highlight the importance of employers adopting a progressive attitude to perks at work. An employee discount scheme, like that provided by LifeWorks, can help to cultivate a positive image for your brand, a strong company culture and increased loyalty by supporting your people’s fulfilment in not only their job, but also their life as a whole.

An employee discount programme, then, is much like it sounds like, providing budget-friendly opportunities as employee perks, redeemable at businesses ranging from food and drink outlets to fashion retailers and cinema chains.

Make your employees feel loved