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Worldpay creates a culture of recognition through mobile engagement

Published by: LifeWorks,
  • Employee interaction with the new platform was instant with over 80% of Worldpay employees registering within the first two weeks
  • Employees found the discount and perks functionality relevant, engaging and easy to use, with over £100,000 spent by employees
  • The total amount of recognitions made in the first 3 months, equating to 20 recognitions each day per employee

Challenge & Goals

Pioneering internet payment service provider Worldpay wanted to improve the effectiveness of communications with its employees, boosting engagement and retention. The organisation had previously implemented a traditional benefits platform that employees found limited and difficult to use, it therefore sought a more intuitive tool that offered a greater range of rewards.

With employees based in a variety of different locations, ease of access was a key priority for Worldpay, which made a mobile solution essential. The organisation’s core objective was to create a channel through which it could inform, celebrate, and educate every employee, embedding personalised communication and recognition into Worldpay culture.

 The LifeWorks platform has made a huge difference in terms of colleague recognition. Colleagues have embraced the new technology with ease and are regularly utilising it to recognise others who are living our values. This is has been very timely for us to also build our new values into our culture.
Andy Doyle, Head of HR at Worldpay


LifeWorks created a mobile solution that would bring real-time effectiveness to Worldpay’s communications with employees. Available as native app for iPhone and Android, and a responsive web solution for all other mobile devices, the tool was designed to be easily accessible and truly universal.

The platform incorporated the three key areas of engagement: social, recognition, and reward, as well as providing access to a centralised newsfeed where employees could see company updates and respond automatically. Recognitions were posted instantaneously to the newsfeed, providing all employees with visibility of performance appreciation and the opportunity to add comments.

This not only put employees at heart of the business, but also helped Worldpay to realign its employees with company values through collective involvement with the platform.

Gamification elements encouraged employees to consistently engage with the platform, making organisational initiatives both fun and immersive.

To make interactions personal and rewarding, LifeWorks integrated tailored discounts that provided employees with savings on products and services relevant to their individual needs. The technology not only ensured access to exclusive deals, it also aggregated premium shopping sites to ensure Worldpay employees were always presented with the best offers.

To guarantee ease of use, the LifeWorks team provided face-to-face assistance throughout the onboarding process to help Worldpay employees understand the different functions of the tool and learn to navigate them without difficulty.


The mobile platform dramatically changed the way employees engaged with the organisation and generated impressive levels of engagement. In only three months of operation, the intuitive nature of the platform led to 1,792 recognitions and Worldpay currently receives an average of 20 new recognitions each day.

By tailoring the design of the badges within the platform to reflect company values, WorkAngel has created an environment where employees can communicate openly and achieve due recognition for their professional efforts. Users have uploaded 186 posts and 178 photos to date, proving the value of an online social hub.

The emphasis on human interaction has created stronger bonds between employees and placed recognition at the centre of Worldpay culture. Extra features have also been enthusiastically embraced; with spend on discounts reaching more than £100k.

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