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How LifeWorks helped giffgaff with cultural transformation

Published by: LifeWorks,
  • Employee engagement with the platform has been exceptional with registrations exceeding 90%
  • 8,812 recognitions were made during the first year, with an average of 26 recognitions made per day across the business
  • Employee feedback is extremely positive, with regular newsfeed posts on work-related topics, as well as more personal messages for birthdays or new starters

Challenges & Goals

Rapidly growing Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) giffgaff™ faced the challenge of maintaining employee engagement while retaining its unique disruptive brand culture. The company wanted to move away from its paper-based recognition process and introduce an engagement tool that was challenging, fun, and put its employees at the centre of everything it does.

A solution was required to build communication, instil a collaborative environment, enhance inter-employee engagement, and drive positive behaviours across the company, all substantiated through transparent, comprehensive reporting and statistics. Following an employee engagement survey the desire for a gratitude culture was identified, so any solution needed to incorporate peer-to-peer ‘thank yous’.

With this innovative platform, LifeWorks has boosted social recognition and caused a social buzz while preserving our unique business culture of mutuality
Mike Fairman, CEO, giffgaff™

LifeWorks provided a social and collaborative recognition environment based on gamification, with a modern and intuitive user experience aligned with giffgaffTM’s business culture. The mobile-optimised solution was made accessible on all devices, with native iPhone and Android apps, and a responsive web solution for other smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

The platform provided a real-time experience for peer- to-peer recognition, with employees able to give each other a virtual “pat on the back” and award specific recognition badges. All recognitions could be posted to a company newsfeed where employees can view and re-recognise, making the process extremely interactive.

Implementation of the tool was made simple with employees invited to join via email with an individual code. A personalised discounts section was integrated within the platform to encourage employees to revisit and engage with the tool on an ongoing basis.

A dedicated LifeWorks account manager frequently re-evaluates objectives with giffgaffTM, and using in-depth management information as a basis, participates in decision-making and platform development. New features are continually being introduced to make the platform relevant, exciting and provide the employee with an experience that remains one step ahead. These include Cinema, a Multi- National Offering, and Spot Rewarding.

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