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LifeWorks introduction and News Feed explained

Feel supported with LifeWorks. CEO Jamie True introduces the platform and explains how to personalize your account to get the most out of the News Feed, with relevant, daily, snackable content.


LifeWorks Perks and Benefits explained

Feel rewarded with LifeWorks. Learn how to get the most out of thousands of exclusive discounts and save hundreds on your daily purchases.



LifeWorks Peer Recognition explained

Feel recognized with LifeWorks. Give your colleagues a virtual high five and show the rest of your organization what great things they're doing.


LifeWorks Health Risk Assessments explained

Feel guided with LifeWorks. Work out what your health situation is by anonymously answering a series of questions. Then get personalized snackable content to guide you to your fitness goals.



LifeWorks Wellness Challenges explained

Feel connected with LifeWorks. Get the most out of health and well-being challenges either individually or as part of an organization-wide event.


LifeWorks Health Coaching explained

Feel supported with LifeWorks. Change your habits for the better day by day. Get the most out of sustainable, behavioral, lifestyle change techniques.


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