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Growing Your Career

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In today’s demanding work environment, it’s so important for employees to recognize the vital role they play in shaping their personal career path. Be proactive. Seek out developmental and mentorship opportunities to help you gain exposure to other areas of your organization and to meet new colleagues. Reassess your skills frequently, and be willing to take training.

If you’re feeling stuck or as though you could use a professional boost, here are a few tips:

Know what you want. Set goals that are important to you. Make sure your goals are realistic, yet challenging, as well as specific and time-based. Clear, concise objectives can provide a detailed framework that can help you achieve your goal.

Create a career map. Within your current job, map out potential career paths. Ask your manager, co-workers and other successful individuals you admire and respect to help you lay out a plan. Study the routes that others have taken.

Avoid limiting yourself to a strict career path. Over the course of your working life, you may discover strengths and competencies you didn’t know you had. Be curious and aware of your needs and interests, as well as how they may shift over time. Keep your options open.

Be open to learning and lateral movement. Try to view each project you tackle, each person with whom you work, and each job you take on as a learning tool. Keep your skills current through on-the-job training, seminars and conferences, and continued education. Identify what you need to learn. The more new skills you acquire, the more valuable you’ll be to your employer.

Sell yourself effectively. Your successes will advance your career only if others find out about them. Volunteer for assignments that provide opportunities to interact with new people within your organization and industry. You never know who might have the opportunity to provide a positive recommendation on your behalf.

Remember that strengthening your skills and putting your best foot forward with every assignment will benefit you in so many ways, even if it doesn’t lead to a quick raise, promotion, or “employee of the month” award. Few things are more rewarding than pursuing and achieving an important goal, while adding to your personal experience and professional value.

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