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Workforce wellbeing: The key to success in the future of work

Published by: TELUS Health,

What if your people had the tools to make mental health and wellness support an integral part of their workday? How would that change employee engagement? What could it do for your organisation’s productivity, and your ability to attract and retain talent?

To set your workforce up for success, it’s time to change the way your organisation approaches employee wellbeing. Rather than a series of bolt-on support programs aimed at firefighting existing problems in your workforce, you can now integrate proactive employee wellbeing tools into the flow of every workday.

Employee wellbeing today

The workplace has changed dramatically in recent years. From the rise of digital technology and a move toward remote and hybrid work, the way organisations operate day-to-day is radically different from just a decade ago. These existing trends were both accelerated out of necessity by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there is certainly no turning back.

These changes have brought new challenges to employers. According to LifeWorks’ Mental Health Index, mental stress among employees continues to rise. Employees are now more likely to report feelings of isolation and anxiety as a result of shifting employee relations which negatively impact job satisfaction and productivity.

Employers are also experiencing the effects of shifting priorities among their employees. The Mental Health Index revealed that young people are now focussing more on mental health with individuals between 20 and 29 nearly twice as likely to report wanting to put their mental health first compared to those over 60. This translates to employee retention with half of millennials and 75% of Gen-Zers citing mental health reasons as the motivation for leaving a job.

Now more than ever, there is a need for effective digital resources for improving health and wellness that reach employees where they are. Whether your workforce is at home, in the office or anywhere else in the world, they have an equal need for holistic wellbeing support that works. This is crucial for organisations hoping to retain top talent and avoid ‘The Great Resignation’.

Success means linking wellbeing and productivity

To empower employees to improve their health and wellness at work, there needs to be a shift in the way that wellbeing solutions are provided. That means changing how your organisation approaches employee wellbeing on every level. Rather than thinking about wellbeing as a beneficial add-on, it’s time to place it front and centre in everything your organisation does.

Good employee mental health and wellbeing is not just a bonus, it is critical to achieving more as a team. Like communication between colleagues, wellbeing should be part of the normal flow of the working day.

LifeWorks’ is committed to making it easier for organisations to meet the wellbeing needs of their employees. Technology-enabled solutions support employee wellbeing, delivering holistic services that span health and wellness, retirement and financial consulting, recognition and more. Now a new partnership with Microsoft Teams will see these solutions become an even more central part of workplace culture.

Integrating the LifeWorks app with Microsoft’s digital platforms makes it easier for organisations to put employee health and wellness front and centre in the workday. Individuals will have access to wellbeing resources directly in the flow of their work. Wellbeing is now an essential element of work-life rather than an afterthought.

A healthier future

Changes in the world of work have been accelerated in recent years, particularly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The inadequacies of patchwork wellbeing solutions have been demonstrating the need for more holistic programs that are integrated right into an employee’s workday.

LifeWorks’ partnership with Microsoft Teams now allows organisations to combine wellbeing and productivity in one place. By integrating health and wellbeing support into every day, you can make wellness a part of daily life at work and beyond.

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