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Technology is changing the way companies interact with their employees

Published by: LifeWorks,

LifeWorks employee engagement and wellbeing programTechnology is changing the way that companies communicate and engage their employees when it comes to their benefits. LifeWorks CEO Jamie True spoke to Employee Benefits magazine about the growing expectation that companies will deliver a tech-forward, personalised experience that fits individual team members’ needs.

“Employees don’t necessarily want to open up [to] communications about nutrition when they are depressed, they want to be educated about depression,” said True, highlighting the way companies need to start thinking about delivering their team members support and benefits that best apply to their individual situations.

He added that, while some might be concerned that technology may alienate older generations, the opposite is true.

“Employees are used to getting a user experience which is slick and intuitive, whereas traditional HR platforms are structured,” said True. “Times are changing and employers need to realise that employees expect a congruent user experience because that is what they are used to.”

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