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Striking a Balance at Work and at Home

Published by: TELUS Health,

Balancing work and home life isn’t easy, especially if your work and home life intersect as a remote worker. Finding a balance starts with determining your own wants and needs. Instead of shooting for perfection, develop realistic solutions that help you feel calm and satisfied. Share those solutions. Become a champion for balance at work and home for friends and colleagues. Here are some suggestions that can help get the ball rolling:

Put the wheels in motion. Get together with neighbors, co-workers or friends for a movie night or basketball game. Pick activities and create a calendar to share so the people involved can stay excited and motivated. Try starting a lunchtime yoga class or setting up a company baseball team. It’s a great way to get to know colleagues, share some laughs, relieve stress, and talk about balance tips that have worked for you.

Create a “steady” space. Post a virtual balance board that shares information on work/life balance and any opportunities offered by your company, on the company intranet. At home, stick articles to the fridge or near the computer that are relevant to family members. Create a “balance book” of articles and information for sharing. Share it with anyone you notice looking overwhelmed.

Be aware. Seize the opportunity to share what you know the next time you hear others complaining that they don’t have time for themselves. Really listen to what people are saying to figure out the root of the problem. Do they want more time for family? Exercise? Offer up any tips that can help or point them toward the right information and resources.

Steer a committee. Promoting work/life balance tips is more fun with a group. Start a committee with others that can host workshops, fundraisers and bring in guest speakers to help colleagues get all areas of their life in check. Dream up family-friendly events like a bowling day or barbeque to promote work/life balance and have a little fun. It’ll give everyone a chance to relax, socialize and improve morale at work and at home.

Most people feel like they have too many things to do each day and can’t slow down to enjoy life. Balance is different for each person. There may be factors that prevent you from being able to do all the activities that you want (such as we’re experiencing with COVID-19 precautions). No matter the circumstances, you can help the people around you find a positive work-life balance by speaking up, providing information and being a work-life guru wherever you go.

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