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Mental illness affects 1 in 5. It’s time to help 100% of your people

Published by: Stephen Liptrap,

100% well-being for 100% of your people

Dear business leaders:

One in five people worldwide are suffering from mental health challenges* and almost a quarter of adults are not physically active enough to prevent illness. One in three employees are distracted by finances at work, and a further eight in 10 are disengaged from their jobs. In short, the majority of your workforce is suffering from one or more wellness issues at any one time, potentially leading to long-term absence or high employee churn.

The response to all these challenges is that employers like you have a duty of care, not just to their people, but to their shareholders and national economies. To invest in your employees total well-being and help people build and sustain mental, physical, social and financial wellness. Anytime, anywhere.

Traditionally, employee support has been reactive, supporting people through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). But a typical employee assistance program sees only up to 5% usage. Even at Morneau Shepell – a market-leading EAP provider – where we see double this usage, this means that you are only supporting a fraction of your people. So, here’s the real question: How do we help the other 90-95%? And, what would happen to your business if we enabled you to provide that support?

With our acquisition of LifeWorks, Morneau Shepell is combining industry leading clinical support and treatment with a solid focus on engagement and user experience. Between us, we have almost 100 years of employee assistance and clinical expertise and now, driven by digital innovation we can address the total well-being of your people at every stage of their employee journey.

Our mobile-first platform provides the opportunity to engage users across the health and well-being spectrum through regular personalized interactions, rewards, recognition, and communication. With usage rates of 50-65% we can deliver high participation, high persistency and better outcomes. Where traditional employee assistance acts as a safety net in a crisis, our proactive approach drives persistent participation and preventative wellness.

We believe it’s not enough to serve employees in times of crisis alone, because reactive assistance does not address total employee well-being. Our global reach puts an innovative platform that employees love to use in the hands of many more people and allows you to fulfil your purpose of improving business while we go about improving lives.

Your people matter. Make them feel loved.

Stephen Liptrap
President and CEO
Morneau Shepell

*According to the World Health Organization

Make your employees feel loved