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Increase in parenting challenges driving demand for support at work

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Most parents face challenges from their children at some point, whether it’s at the terrible twos stage or the terrible teens. It goes with the job. Indeed, it’s often said that parenting is the hardest job in the world; research by Barnardo’s shows that 61% of British parents describe parenting as fairly or very difficult. And that’s on a good day!

Unfortunately, parents of children with challenging behavior have high levels of stress and often have emotional or physical health problems of their own.

Research by Sandy Lim, Associate Professor in the Department of Management Organisation at NUS Business School, reveals that the impact of incivility, or rude or disrespectful behavior in the family environment, receives too little attention where it relates to job performance.

Her research amongst 200 families found that as well as creating a toxic family environment where self-worth is undermined and family ties damaged, experiencing disrespect within the family can create psychological distress at work, resulting in lower work performance.

She says that individuals who face family incivility often worry and feel anxious why they have such issues and agonize over how to resolve them. When this anxiety is carried over to the workplace, it drains them of their energy, making them less able to concentrate on their work – fueling a cycle of unhappiness and unproductivity.

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