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What are employee discount programmes?

Published by: climbonline1,

Once upon a time, most companies may have largely presumed their people to be happy with a salary and a desk. Those days, however, are long gone.

Ambitious people don’t think solely about their headline remuneration, and one thing they will almost certainly think about is employee perks. Indeed, Glassdoor found that six in 10 jobseekers considered perks to be a major incentive when looking for a job. What’s more, 80% prefer additional benefits over a higher salary.

Such findings highlight the importance of employers adopting a progressive attitude to perks at work. An employee discount scheme, like that provided by LifeWorks, can help to cultivate a positive image for your brand, a strong company culture and increased loyalty by supporting your people’s fulfilment in not only their job, but also their life as a whole.

An employee discount programme, then, is much like it sounds like, providing budget-friendly opportunities as employee perks, redeemable at businesses ranging from food and drink outlets to fashion retailers and cinema chains.

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