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Is the EAP easy to use?

Published by: climbonline1,

Contacting the EAP is easy:

Simply call the toll-free telephone number. If you do not have the telephone number, ask your human resources (HR) representative for it.

When you call the EAP, be prepared to give your name, address, and the name of your organization. Your name and any other identifying information will be kept confidential. Your employer’s name is important because it allows the EAP consultant to identify the specific type of service your employer is providing along with other important benefit-related information. Return calls can be arranged at your discretion.

The EAP consultant will discuss your needs and concerns with you, listen, and assess the situation. Depending on your situation, the EAP consultant may:

  • Work with you and help you make a plan to resolve your issues or concerns
  • Refer you to a support group
  • Guide you to helpful resources in your community
  • Refer you to a specialist or local counsellor for ongoing counselling
  • Help you navigate the EAP website for informative online content

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