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How to Cope If You’re Still in Isolation

Published by: TELUS Health,

Orders to stay home are slowly being lifted in different parts of the world as the restrictions put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 are eased. While one region might be relaxing the rules, the changes won’t apply equally to everyone—those who are at risk or who cohabit with someone at risk have to continue until the danger has passed.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your chin up if you’re required to stay home longer than others:

Talk to your network and ask for extra help. It may be helpful to talk about any feelings of isolation, sadness and disappointment with close friends and family. And on the plus side, if you need help with the essentials like picking up groceries or medication, those people may have more flexibility to give you a hand.

Continue to exercise if safe and legal. Depending on your local guidelines and restrictions, it

will be important for your physical and mental to continue to exercise, and going for walks,

runs or bike rides are a great way to clear your head and keep your fitness up. Pick a quiet time of day and practice physical distancing.

It’s OK to be OK. You might be one of the people who has been alright, or even thrived while being asked to stay home, so you might not necessarily be sad to continue staying at home. You might feel good one day and a little down the next, but remember that your feelings are all valid, even if others are expecting you to be struggling.

Get some professional help. For some people, long stretches of isolation create untenable levels of loneliness or even depression. If you’re struggling to stay positive, particularly as the sense that “everyone’s in this together” no longer seems to apply, contact your assistance program or GP to discuss counselling options.


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