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Healthy Workplaces Promote Fitness and Good Nutrition

Published by: LifeWorks,

Most of us know about the harm poor eating habits and physical inactivity can do. Unhealthy food choices and sitting down at a desk for the majority of the day can leave people feeling unmotivated or unwell. A healthy workforce is more productive, with fewer absences, increased productivity and higher morale.

Here are some tips to help you promote fitness and healthy eating choices in your workplace.

Create a walking club or fitness challenges. Suggest activities for people to get involved in before work, at lunch, or after the workday. There is no simpler way to exercise over an hour-long lunch break than walking. Lead a new initiative by committing to going yourself. You’ll show employees you can “walk the walk,” and might even glean some valuable insights about work along the way. You can also use the LifeWorks app to establish group fitness challenges that can be a fun way to motivate people to add more exercise to their day. They’re also a great way to keep remote workers engaged and active as part of the team.

Bring in the professionals. Offer classes that help relieve stress or have a registered dietician come in to talk about making healthy food choices. Yoga in the workplace, for example, is becoming more and more common.

Ditch unhealthy food. Don’t let accessibility to junk food be the reason your staff are choosing a candy bar over a healthier option. Ask your vending machine provider to incorporate healthier options, and instead of bringing a box of donuts to the next staff meeting, put out a bowl of fresh, washed fruit. These small changes send a subtle yet important message and can go a long way in encouraging your staff.

A little creativity and the desire to have fun can go a long way to getting people in your workplace on the path to a healthier, happier lifestyle and, ultimately, a more engaged team. Need more ideas? LifeWorks can help with that.

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