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Clean up and Boost Your Mental Health

Published by: LifeWorks,

Earth Day is an annual global initiative that takes place on April 22 and aims to highlight environmental issues such as pollution, climate change, waste and deforestation. Studies show we can all do our part while benefiting our wellbeing.

Volunteering makes you feel good. Take the initiative to pick up debris and litter from your yard and once permissible, consider organizing a clean-up event in your community. Volunteering can reduce stress and anxiety by providing you with a sense of purpose.1

Get active while doing your part. Physical activity releases endorphins, a chemical that increases feelings of pleasure and reduces the amount of stress hormone, cortisol.2
Get outside and get your heart rate up by planting some trees or dig a compost pile in your yard.

Mindfulness and sustainability. Be aware of how your everyday decisions impact others. Being more mindful of your actions can make you feel fulfilled and accomplished in knowing your efforts are positively impacting the planet. Consider replacing your plastic water bottles with glass, and only use reusable bags.3



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