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Age doesn’t matter when it comes to technology

Published by: Jamie True,

Employers are faced with the ever-present challenge of identifying the most effective ways of communicating and engaging employees with their benefits offering. As it continues to develop at a rapid pace, technology is a great enabler to communicate with employees, using data, algorithms and virtual reality to bring benefits alive.

Concerns that the older generation is not ready for new technology need to be quashed. The older generation uses Amazon, Google and email, and is getting personalization from all of these platforms. What is actually happening is people are being spoilt with the user experience and now expect it. Employees are used to getting a user experience which is slick and intuitive, whereas traditional HR platforms are structured. Times are changing and employers need to realize that employees expect a congruent user experience because that is what they are used to. The beauty of it is anyone who has a smartphone can access these new forms of communication easily.

Using new technologies, employers have the ability to really drill down and send employees personalized communications. Using data that can help employees is key in a communications platform. For example, employees don’t necessarily want to open up to communications about nutrition when they are depressed, they want to be educated about depression. The key to really good communication and re-engagement is relevancy and personalization. Organizations spend a lot of time on this and technology makes it easy. Employers can get a lot of data and information on their people and need to make communications relevant for them.

On the other hand, with employees digesting information in their day-to-day lives on tablets, smartphones and laptops, some would prefer the option to move away from paper. Paper communications look old. There’s no harm in printing on paper but employers will find more employees are coming into meetings and not wasting paper and instead viewing things on their iPad. More employees are not wanting to use paper or booklets, especially if there’s an app on their phone for them to communicate.

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