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Reporting and Insights

Make informed decisions and unlock the potential of your people.

Why analytics and insights matter

As an employer, it’s important you meet your business goals and build productive and engaged teams. That’s why our Wellbeing Platform provides you with analytics and insights to help you track behavior and utilization across your organization, understand wellbeing trends and fine-tune your HR programs to improve business results.

Focus on the things that matter most with analytics

We’re here to help you paint a better picture for your business. Discover which team’s doing great work, what’s trending across your company or what practices are making a positive difference for your people with our in-depth, real-time analytics.

Measure engagement and company values

With our analytics and insights reporting, we measure your employees’ engagement and help you identify all the positive behaviors that align with your corporate values. This way you can see if you clearly communicate your company’s mission, vision and values to everyone across your organization. Review these regularly and adapt things that aren’t working.

What’s included:

Make your employees feel loved