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Using technology to create a culture that is resilient and creative

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Being in the workplace has a significant impact on our happiness and our happiness has a significant impact on our health and our productivity. Complementing the physical environment, culture is more like the atmosphere of the workplace, and we want the atmosphere to be one that supports growth and life. Not an uninhabitable atmosphere made up of 90 per cent sulfuric acid.

Organizations that recognize that supporting the mental, physical, social, and financial wellness of their people are helping their people to be their best selves. If you’ve got happier, healthier people then they’re going to be better, more productive workers.

Hear from James Hewitt on:

  • Lessons learned from the downfall of Barings Bank due to the actions of ‘rogue trader’ Nick Leeson
  • How companies like KPMG stimulate a culture of creativity
  • How it’s possible to create a positive culture anywhere, even a remote nuclear facility
  • Learnings we have applied internally at LifeWorks
Meet the speaker
James Hewitt, LifeWorks
James Hewitt
Product Director
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