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The Total Well-being Keynote

Published by: LifeWorks,

Creating a workforce that is healthy, happy and productive

Most of the world’s 3.4 billion workers are unwell. Around 76% are physically unfit, one billion suffer from anxiety, and one in four have mental disorders. The global workforce is ageing rapidly and is intensely multi-generational. One in five feel lonely, while 74% live with economic insecurity.

So how does the physical, mental, social and financial wellness of your people affect your business? The cost of unwell workers represents 10-15% of global economic output and at any one moment, most of your employees are experiencing at least one issue with their well-being.

Clinical support works but how do you take that to 100% of your people, 100% of the time? With a technology-driven approach that supports Total Well-being, you can build a more resilient workforce that’s proactive about maintaining health and well-being as well as being more engaged, more loyal and more productive. This translates into bottom line benefits as we will show. The financial performance of high engagement organizations is 44% higher than those with low engagement, due to decreased absenteeism and increased productivity.

Join the Total Well-being Keynote to hear more from a panel of experts on:

The importance of a culture that supports employee well-being as critical to the success of your business
The evolution of clinical counseling to support a wide variety of modern day stressors and make your people the best they can be
How technology can take that robust support from 10% to 100% of your people, 100% of the time
Tangible business outcomes due to a healthy, happy and productive workforce
With special guest Alastair Macdonald, SVP HR for Nestle Canada

Make your employees feel loved