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The importance of culture in workplace well-being

Published by: LifeWorks,

Being in the workplace has a significant impact on our happiness and our happiness has a significant impact on our health and our productivity. Sometimes there’s not much that can be done about the physical environment, but the culture of the workplace is also part of that environment and that is something that can be affected. Complementing the physical environment, culture is more like the atmosphere of the workplace, and we want the atmosphere to be one that supports growth and life. Not an inhabitable atmosphere made up of 90 per cent sulfuric acid.

When it comes to the bottom line, all the business benefits should come as a consequence of looking after your people and of those people being happy and healthy at work. One way is by focusing on providing a safe environment for people to be themselves, to be able to voice their ideas and opinions and not feel scared to do that. The other is looking at the total well-being of your people – thinking about their personal lives as well as their work lives and thinking about all the aspects that make up total well-being.

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