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Life Out Loud: App-Happy? The Relationship Between Mental Health and Social Media

Published by: LifeWorks,

In February’s edition of our Life Out Loud webinar series, Dr. Ysabel Gerrard, a Lecturer in Digital Media and Society at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom brings us App-Happy? The Relationship Between Mental Health and Social Media. Dr. Gerrard discusses the growing use of apps and smartphones and the role they play in our lives. She visits whether there is indeed a smartphone or “social media addiction” and the impact it has on a person’s wellbeing.

Dr. Gerrard delves into specific platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest and how they’ve become aware of their relationship between themselves and user’s mental health. She visits smartphone addiction, “digital detox” campaigns, the negative stigma attached to mental health in society, reviews mental health statistics and speaks to the online presence of “Mental Health Influencers”, all to determine if there is a positive or negative correlation between social media and mental health.

Meet the speaker

Dr. Ysabel Gerrard
University of Sheffield
Digital Media & Society

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