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One in five people struggle with some form of mental illness every year. Every day, tens of thousands of experienced counselors in our global network help employees and their families deal with challenges in both their work and personal lives.

Our counselors are not just there to support people during a time of crisis, such as feeling suicidal, or dealing with the death of a loved one, but also for a wide range of everyday issues like; legal disputes, divorce, budgeting, child and elder care, fraud resolution, and nutrition advice.

Hear from some of our experts, that work directly with people seeking support, every day.

Worldwide, the cost of unwell workers is 10-15% of global economic output and in the US alone, this amounts to around $2.2 trillion per year. But it’s not just those with ‘serious’ challenges that are affected, everyday concerns can have a significant impact on the physical and emotional health of an individual’s productivity at the workplace.

Our experts offer emotional support to employees who experience issues with: Anxiety, depression, stress management, bereavement, personal relationship issues, addictive behaviors, anger management, sleep hygiene, and more. We also offer practical everyday support with services on: Legal, financial planning, childcare, eldercare, convenience services such as pet care and cleaning, identity theft, and many more, including: nutritional & weight management, naturopathic, education, relocation, parenting, midlife & retirement, career, and everyday issues.

We also provide:

Management Support – Support for employees (suicide & depression concerns workplace- aggression/bullying, sexual harassment, substance abuse issues and policy development), Employee Referrals, Manager Consultation (employee performance & wellness issues), Mandatory/ Monitored Referrals, Manager Personal Growth (manager training, stress management, succeeding as a manager, workload, managing absence, appraisals), changes in the workplace and workplace policy issues to support safety.

Critical Incident Response – Telephonic and on-site support for critical incidents that impact the workforce (workplace violence, natural disasters, accidents, terrorist events and more).

Trauma Response – A customized approach that is targeting specific industries such as retail/banking, first responders & transportation, pre-incident policy & planning support, as well as post incident follow up and individualized enhanced support for those needing additional support.

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