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Life Out Loud: Creating Community: Building a new life as an expat

Published by: TELUS Health,

This month for our Life Out Loud webinar series, we’re featuring a session with Jaimie Chin-Dickey, an experienced Director of Brand Development with a long history of working in the health and fitness industry. 6 years ago, Jaimie set out from the US to create a new life for herself in the UK to kick-start Class Pass, an online workout streaming platform. After discovering this wasn’t as easy as she thought, Jaimie set out to build a sense of belonging in her new surroundings through a network of friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Join Jaimie as she tells her personal story about finding a sense of belonging and shares her top tips on how you too can build your own community.

Meet the Speaker

Jaimie Chin-Dickey

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