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ITSU partners with LifeWorks employee well-being

Published by: LifeWorks,

Asian-inspired restaurant chain, itsu, today announced its new partnership with employee well-being provider  LifeWorks. Following a successful trial, the programme is being rolled out across 70 restaurants for its 1,300 staff.

The programme will provide itsu staff with 24/7/365 clinical and professional support, plus preventative initiatives to support physical, mental and emotional well-being. LifeWorks also includes a social recognition and private social network for reward and engagement. itsu staff will also have access to discounts and cashback at over 9,000 retailers, restaurants and leisure venues.

Annabel Nash, Head of Central HR, said: “At itsu we put people at the heart of what we do and best in class communication is key to a healthy ongoing relationship with our teams. LifeWorks is a great fit for us, we have a largely millennial work force, so having the ability to communicate with each and every person, in a way they will connect with is fundamental. LifeWorks enables our teams in restaurants and our workforce in the academy to communicate simply and freely.”

James Hewitt, Head of Adoption and Engagement at LifeWorks said: “We’re working with a hugely enthusiastic HR team at itsu to create even stronger engagement amongst their staff. We’re looking forward to this partnership.”


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