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What is LifeWorks Language Assistance (LLA), and who can use it?

LifeWorks provides both verbal and written language interpretation at no cost to a participant receiving counseling through our Employee Assistance Program. The interpretation service is also offered to licensed counselors contracted by LifeWorks to provide counseling.

What kind of services are offered with LLA?

  • We offer spoken interpretation in most languages to all LifeWorks users who contact us by phone.
  • Some LifeWorks counselors are bilingual in English and other languages, like French and Spanish.  Whenever possible, we connect you with a bilingual counselor who can communicate in your preferred language when you call.
  • We can provide an interpreter at no cost when you work with your counselor, even if you have a friend or loved one who can interpret for you.
  • We can translate written information into your language at no cost to you.

What specific assistance can I expect with LLA?

  • Spoken telephone communication with LifeWorks with the help of an interpreter
  • Spoken telephone communication with your counselor with the help of an interpreter, when necessary
  • Referrals to bilingual providers and counselors, when possible
  • Written communication in your language for certain documents
  • Written information available in select languages on LifeWorks’ website

How does LLA meet California language assistance program standards?

LifeWorks :

  • assesses user language preferences, tracking the preferred languages of non-English proficient participants
  • offers language assistance services at no cost to participants
  • trains our employees on how to effectively provide language assistance, and educates global providers about LLA
  • regularly monitors services to ensure compliance
  • confirms that telephonic interpreters are trained in ethics, confidentiality and cultural sensitivity so that their behaviours are in the best interests of users
  • Communicates to participants about availability of language assistance program.

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