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LifeWorks Telemedicine

On call 24/7 to help keep people happy, healthy and productive

Urgent medical care. Specialist referrals and prescriptions. Disease prevention and management. Now part of the LifeWorks Total Wellbeing Solution you trust.

We help minds and bodies work well.

Canadians want virtual healthcare

69% of Canadians would use virtual healthcare when physical visits are inconvenient.
2/3 of Canadian employees would use virtual healthcare if it was included in their employee benefits plan.
92% of people who use LifeWorks Telemedicine said it saved them a trip to see the doctor.

Multi-dimensional virtual health care with a human touch.

Helping millions of people on their journey to better mental health is what we do. Our award-winning, long-trusted clinical expertise is the foundation that drives our telemedicine solution. Our mental and medical health expertise makes a positive difference in the wellbeing of your people.

Our care model: People helping people. A live answer every time. Quick connections with clinicians. Expert advice for mental and medical care. Personal and proactive follow-ups from their clinician.

Just one medical questionnaire at sign up. No long wait times or other frustrating barriers to healthcare.

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Why people use and reuse LifeWorks Telemedicine?

Fast, flexible and secure support for specific health issues, 24/7/365 urgent care, and the pursuit of greater mental and physical wellbeing. No wonder people love LifeWorks Telemedicine.


How our clinicians help you

Learn more about how the work our clinicians do helps people with their medical concerns and the important role they play in the Canadian healthcare system.


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