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Podcast: Productivity, mental health and well-being

Published by: LifeWorks,

One in six people in the workplace struggle with a stress condition which affects their productivity. And one in four suffers from a mental health problem. So around 20% of a company’s workforce isn’t productive and many feel unsupported.

Traditionally, employers focus on staff attraction and retention, but productivity is more important. Health and well-being are high on the corporate agenda and mental health is being discussed more openly. Nationally, in the UK, there’s only been a 2% growth in productivity in the last 11 years, and employees aren’t supported to improve.

In the Marketing and Finance Podcast, hosted by Roger Edwards, we talk about how mental health and well-being affect employee productivity and presenteeism and what employers can do to help their people.

Paul Avis, Marketing Director at Canada Life Group Insurance, identifies benefits that advisers and employers can introduce to their people.

David Shearman has been with LifeWorks for a decade. His role is to work with some of the UK’s leading organisations on health and well-being in the workplace. He educates them on services and solutions they can put in place which will have a positive impact on return on investment for the company but is good for the employees too.

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