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Tell us how much you spend on daily essentials & treats

Food & drink

Do you buy the groceries for your household?

How many times do you dine out or get takeout per month?

How many coffees do you buy per week?

Based on the average price of a coffee ($2.50)

Travelling & holidays

How much do you spend on travel and holidays per year? 

Including hotels, flights, travel insurance, car rental & car parking

How much do you spend on sporting events or amusement parks per month? 

How much do you spend going to the movies in a month?

Everyday travel

How many cars do you have in your household?

Do you use car sharing programs?

Do you use taxis on a monthly basis?


Do you pay for your household utilities? 

How many people in your household have mobile phones?

How much do you spend on home or car improvements and maintenance per month?

Are you planning on moving within the next two years?

How many pets do you have? 

Health & wellness

How much do you pay for your gym membership per month?

How much do you spend on personal care and health per month?


Do you plan on pursuing elective courses or learning new skills in the next two years?


Do you smoke? If yes, are you planning to quit smoking?

Clothing & footwear

How much is your household spend on your clothes and shoes per year?

Books & stationary

How much do you spend on books and stationary per month? 

How much have you or your household spent on electronics and appliances in the past year?

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