Eating Well to Optimize Performance

Published by: TELUS Health,

Are you trapped in a peak and valley pattern of high and low energy? Striking the right balance of healthy foods can boost energy, concentration and productivity while warding off irritability and mood swings. Keeping your energy up and humming at a steady pace is not as difficult as it seems.

Below are some of our top tips to rev up your energy level with maximum performance eating:

  • Control your blood sugar by fuelling up every 3-4 hours throughout the day and choose low glycemic foods.
  • Have protein with every meal and snack to feel full and mentally alert. Opt for plant-based proteins such as beans, lentils and tofu more often.,
  • Limit your caffeine consumption. Fresh fruit and natural peanut butter will give you the same boost, for a longer period and without the let down of caffeine.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Keep moving whenever or wherever possible.

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