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Mental Well-being: Feel Supported

Enhance your existing Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and support 100% of your employees. Use your existing budget to transform your EAP into a well-being programme that encourages your people to approach their health proactively – whatever life throws at them.

Access to 24/7
best-in-class and specialist counselling

Give your employees immediate access to specialised professionals in counselling, social work, human services and psychology. Gain access to the LifeWorks network of thousands of master’s level counsellors and affiliates.

Multiple counselling modalities

Offer immediate access to an EAP counsellor through live chat, text and email as well as confidential and secure virtual counselling sessions with members of our professional network.

  • Video
  • Chat

Support for Work and Life issues

Provide your employees with support from specialists in financial and legal, childcare and eldercare, future planning and debt support, retirement and many more.

Help people leaders in dealing with anything from workplace conflict and employee lay-offs to change management through manager support.

Drive engagement with digital well-being content

Empower your employees with personalised well-being content including videos, podcasts, articles, online toolkits and interactive programmes.

  • Recommendations based on health risks
  • Full search capabilities

Quickly respond to critical incidents

Receive onsite critical incident support for you and your employees during times of trauma or crisis. Our wide-ranging approach provides stabilisation and reduces stress associated with incidents of trauma or violence.

Results of engaging with our EAP

Make your employees feel loved