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The evolution of employee well-being

Published by: LifeWorks,

Employee wellbeing is directly correlated to business growth, yet few companies fully grasp the concept, let alone how to implement it successfully.

This webinar covers new innovations in employee wellbeing and how personalized, proactive and preventative services and enhanced technology can deliver real-time wellbeing benefits to staff and ensure engagement.

You will learn:

  1. The emerging principles of optimum wellbeing
  2. The most common workplace pain points for staff and why it is important to recognise them
  3. The key drivers to engage your target audience and help equip them to succeed in their daily lives, at work and at home
  4. Where wellbeing technology is heading including wearable tech, data driven intervention & prevention through AI
  5. How to measure wellbeing using advanced analytics

Hosted by:

James Lee

As the Chief Design Officer of LifeWorks, James leads the wellbeing team, encapsulating the product vision. Experienced in developing and implementing wellbeing initiatives, and with a deep background in user-centred design, James has a track record of creating delightful and meaningful user experiences.

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