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How to manage well-being across a multi-generational workforce

Published by: LifeWorks,
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For the first time in history there are five generations of employees in today’s workforce creating an unprecedented challenge for HRs, never more evident than when it comes to well-being.  Get it right and you’ll improve engagement and productivity. Get it wrong and you’ll do exactly the opposite.

Each generation has its own life stage, needs and priorities and a homogenous approach to well-being won’t work anymore.  It simply won’t meet the needs of your workforce causing poor engagement, results, return on your investment and wasted budget.

Get the latest insights and learnings on today’s multi-generation workforce that will enable you to create an effective well-being strategy that works for everyone.

  • Learn about individual generational concerns
  • Understand their expectations and how to meet them
  • Discover the importance of weight of influence
  • Find out how to engage each generation successfully
  • Get insight into emerging cross-generational health issues so you are prepared

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