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Life Out Loud: How to build an award winning company culture

Published by: LifeWorks,

In the March edition of our Life Out Loud webinar series, we welcome Lyndsay Morgan, Operations Director at Climb Online, a digital marketing agency based in London, United Kingdom. In the session How to Build an Award Winning Company Culture, Lyndsay discusses company culture and the impact it has on productivity, performance and profitability in the workplace.

In the webinar, you’ll gain insight into what company culture means and the tremendous impact it can have on company growth. Lyndsay delves into the importance of working together for one goal, how to make company objectives clear through a “pyramid of clarity”, the science behind a thriving work environment and how creating a positive workplace environment reduces stress, makes employees happy and retains them.

Lyndsay further explores how positive workplace culture happens through shared value and belief systems and provides tips to ensure each team member shares in their company’s mission, values and expectations.

Meet the speaker

Lyndsay Morgan
Operations Director
Climb Online

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