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Ceridian boosts employee engagement with LifeWorks

Published by: LifeWorks,
  • Employees found the perks functionality relevant and easy to use, with over £130,000
 spent during the first eight months
  • Employee interaction with the new platform was instant with over 80% of Ceridian employees registering within the first two weeks
  • Ongoing employee response to the recognition tool was remarkable, with 10,403 recognitions posted within the first six months

Challenges and Goals

Leading global HR Consultancy Ceridian wanted to increase employee engagement within its five locations in the UK. Its existing recognition process lacked transparency and was inconsistent across different locations, with limited employee interaction on its benefits platform.__

Ceridian’s goal was to implement a robust, long-term solution to offer a modern, unified approach to recognising employees in all locations, enhancing employee engagement and communication across the UK business.

The LifeWorks platform has made a huge difference in terms of colleague recognition. Colleagues have embraced the new technology with ease and are regularly utilising it to recognise others who are living our values. LifeWorks provides incredibly exciting technology and the platform itself is intuitive and modern
Ceridian UK


LifeWorks implemented an advanced recognition tool to empower Ceridian to better engage its employees in the long term. The recognition tool was mobile optimised and available as an app or within mobile web, which allowed Ceridian employees to use the platform on any device, in any location, and encouraged real-time engagement.

The tool linked the three main components of engagement; recognition and reward, social, and discounts, and was designed around Ceridian’s core company values to foster a greater employee connection with the company as well as peer-to- peer.
The platform made recognising individuals across the business easy and fun, enabling employees to give each other a virtual “pat on the back”.

A two-way newsfeed encouraged both Ceridian as a business and its employees to post their thoughts and feedback, promoting a more transparent and cohesive culture. The discount functionality included a personalised shopping experience and instant dining offers available through either booking a table or at point of sale.
LifeWorks collaborated with Ceridian on a shared onboarding plan designed to maximise take-up of the new tool, which included having account managers present on the day of launch, and training champions of the technology within the business. The tool provided Ceridian with instant engagement metrics enabling it to track performance.

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