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Staying focused when you work from home

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Working from home

Working from home can provide welcome flexibility for many people, but it also has its own challenges. In particular, it can be difficult to stay focused when you aren’t in an office.

Here are some suggestions to help you be your most productive when working from your home office:

Establish a workday routine. Many people who work from home find that setting and sticking to a regular routine is helpful for maintaining focus. You may want to establish a schedule that’s similar to the one you had when you worked in an office. Begin and end work at the same time each day and take regular, scheduled breaks.

Avoid multitasking. Don’t try to get the laundry done or prepare dinner while also working. Save those tasks for breaks, which are an important part of having a healthy work day when you’re telecommuting. Many employees who work from home spend more concentrated time working on computers than they would in the office, and getting up to stretch or take a walk can actually increase your efficiency and reduce errors.

Talk to family members about minimising distractions. Make sure your family understands and respects your working hours. You may want to set some guidelines, like agreeing that you’re only to be disturbed if there’s an emergency.

Get organised. If you split your time between your home office and your workplace and find that you’re often leaving important files at the office, you may need to come up with better solutions to avoid having to deal with missing materials. Make lists of all the things you need, including files, equipment, and supplies, and think about what you’ll need for specific projects. When you have everything you need at hand, you’ll find it easier to focus on your work.

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