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To redefine an industry, don’t follow best practice

Published by: LifeWorks,

Companies seeking to redefine a market would do well to eschew industry best practice and drive innovation by reframing the question they seek to answer, according to Dave Aron, Vice President and Gartner Fellow. Aron was speaking in the opening keynote of the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit this week, where the focus of the event was on the importance of employee engagement within an organization as a prevalent driver of business performance. For all businesses, the needs of your employees are changing and if you fail to adopt a digital workplace strategy you will fall behind, the analyst said.

“The people issue is always the top issue but companies do almost nothing about it,” said Aron. “Businesses are not looking at how to recruit and retain people in new ways. You must not get stuck in the world of industry best practice because the innovation window is too narrow,” he said.

A successful digital workplace program requires a multifaceted approach across people, process, and technology. Moreover, a business should strive to create a channel for introducing consumerized tools and services – central to any digital workplace initiative.

For LifeWorks, a company originally born out of the worlds of employee engagement and traditional clinical counselling, the question we have reframed is: “How do we create healthy, happy, productive people?”

Human Resources is one sector that has fallen behind in terms of adoption of consumer grade technology. Despite being the part of the organization that deals with people, it’s also the part that’s most affected by legacy systems and processes. HR professionals are often working with outdated tools and information that lacks context, as well as being targeted on ‘keeping the boat steady’, rather than driving change.

By consumerizing employee well-being, employees have the freedom to evaluate and choose the elements most beneficial to their own well-being—using employer-provided dollars. This is where LifeWorks sits – at the intersection of the people and the business solution. And what’s more, a healthy and happy workforce can help companies save money and turn a profit.

By driving engagement with a mobile first approach, LifeWorks enables a company to support the mental, physical, social and financial well-being of 100% of its people 100% of the time.

This not only reframes the question, but also redefines the market with the concept of total well-being, where all four pillars of a person’s wellness – mental, physical, social and financial – are supported by one unified solution.

In terms of innovation, we believe unified total well-being will also become so entrenched within business that employees will gravitate towards employers that offer the best well-being experience and away from those that are lacking. While those feeling healthier, happier and more productive will stay with an organization that promotes and enables this experience.

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