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Promoting fitness in the workplace: Employee Productivity

Published by: lindsayrusk,

fitnessIf you’re looking for ways to boost your team’s productivity, you might want to encourage people to get up and move.

Promoting fitness and exercise in the workplace can be a powerful tool to boosting employee well-being and, in turn, your team’s ability to do their jobs efficiently. More than 137 million working days were lost to sickness and injury in the UK in 2016. Taking care of your employees’ physical health can decrease sickness leave and healthcare costs.

Fitness also has an impact on mental well-being, cutting instances of “presenteeism”, the phenomenon where employees are at work but only performing to a fraction of their full potential. It is estimated that presenteeism costs UK companies £605 for every employee annually.

Employees who engage in regular physical activity are more likely to have higher energy and concentration levels, which in turn, helps them to work to their full potential throughout the day. A cost-effective way to promote fitness is to subsidise gym memberships for your team. This gives employees the option to choose a gym that suits their needs, while remaining within the terms and price cap set by your company.

Another popular option is to give employees discounted gym rates, such as those supported by LifeWorks as part of our Perks & Savings offering. When taking into account lost hours due to illness and absence, many companies find that the cost of subsiding memberships or offering discounted rates is considerably less than the cost of providing a gym benefit.

Building fitness into workplace culture is also an effective way to encourage your employees to get moving. You might consider identifying and empowering “well-being champions” who can take charge of scheduling group activities such as step challenges, chair yoga or a lunchtime walking group. Employees will more likely become involved if they see their peers being active.

Promoting fitness is just one part of providing an effective, total well-being solution for your employees. To find out how LifeWorks can help you take care of your team’s mental, physical and financial wellness with a beautifully designed mobile-first approach that helps you maximise productivity, minimise absence and give your company an advantage over your competitors, keep reading here.

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