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5 tips for maintaining work-life balance

Published by: LifeWorks,

Balancing competing needs at work and at home is no easy feat, but with some planning and organization, you can get everything done and keep your sanity!

Here are some helpful tips to finding work-life balance:

  1. Organization. Make an effort to stay organized. Organize your week on Sundays, so you’re on top of what’s expected of each day. It could be as simple as buying the ingredients for a dish you need to bring to a party or ensuring you have supplies on hand for your child’s project. Staying on top of your household’s needs every week will keep your week running smoothly.
  2. Prioritization. What’s important to you during a given week, month, or year constantly changes. Whether it’s ensuring you regularly get to your yoga class or creating a weekly to-do list for members of your family, take stock of your highest priorities on an ongoing basis and make sure your health is always at the top.
  3. The ability to say no. This is difficult and necessary. Sometimes you have to say no to your boss, your child or your friend. It’s not easy but it’s crucial to maintaining your well-being.
  4. Self-discipline. In a world where people are on their devices all the time and expect an instant response, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Set aside one to two hours a night where devices are off and exercise discipline to be in the moment with the people you care about most.
  5. Negotiation. Negotiate flexibility. Accommodating your home and work-life schedules can be effortless if you learn to balance the two. Discuss your needs with your boss to alter your daily schedule to fit in activities by occasionally working hours later in the day. Remember it’s what’s important to both parties that matters.

These tips still apply during unforeseen routine disruptions like the ones brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, they’re even more important as remote working and physical distancing measures are in place. With small tweaks like arranging for delivered groceries or making virtual time with friends and loved ones, these tips will help you maintain a healthy balance.

With content from Cindy Krischer Goodman

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