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3 things that greatly impact employees’ quality of life

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … superhuman resource professional?

While you may not be willing to stop derailed trains or able to pull employees’ beloved pets from burning buildings, focusing on your company’s employee wellbeing program will make you a superhuman resources professional.

To improve employees’ quality of life, focus on three main aspects: work-life balance, meaningful work, and health and wellbeing.

Let’s take a look at these three aspects of good quality of life:

Work-life balance

Thanks to superhuman resource pros everywhere, work-life balance continues making big strides — and employees are noticing. In fact, in our 2017 survey, 70 percent of employers said their company respects employees’ work-life balance and an impressive 68 percent of employees agree.

Unfortunately, those who aren’t giving work-life balance the attention it deserves are feeling the negative effects. Our report also found 71 percent of employees whose employer doesn’t respect work-life balance are looking for new opportunities.

Real companies with real superhumans

“The company believes in its people and works hard to maintain work-life balance. One example of the many great experiences I had was our team meeting, a snowshoeing trip up a mountain,” said one REI employee in a Glassdoor review.

REI believes in their mission and wants employees to enjoy the outdoors just like their customers. So, the company gives employees two days a year off for “Yay Days” to go outside and play.

Thumbtack is another company going above and beyond for their team. In Glassdoor’s article, one employee raves, “[The] best group of people I’ve ever worked with; lots of opportunities and a work/life balance. Can’t ask for better.”

It’s important to Thumbtack that employees are enjoying life inside and outside of the office. That’s why they offer unlimited time off, yoga/fitness classes, and several career development perks, including a $5,000 conference stipend and $1,000 course stipend.

Remember, work-life balance means different things to every employee. Sit down with your team and discuss where they feel their balance could be improved, and let them help brainstorm ways the company can help.

Meaningful work

Employees aren’t showing up to work just to clock in and out anymore. It’s important that they see a connection between their work and something meaningful.

Our previously mentioned survey found 79 percent of employees consider their work to be meaningful. However, of those who don’t find their work meaningful, 68 percent are looking to leave.

Real companies with real superhumans

Salesforce leaders know much of employee wellbeing relies on bettering others’ lives. That’s why they give 56 paid hours for volunteering each year and $1,000 grant donated to an employee-chosen charity.

Google is famous for many things, but one of my favorite management philosophies is “20% time.” Leaders encourage employees to spend 20 percent of their time working on what they think will benefit Google most. This not only gets innovation ramped up, it also puts more meaning behind future projects.

Encourage your team to find work-related projects they’re passionate about. Then offer paid time for learning a new skill or working on a project that will benefit both them and the company.

Employee wellbeing and health

Employee wellbeing and health is the area where superhuman resources pros need to really focus their energy. Unfortunately, our survey found almost 50 percent of employees feel like their employer does not help them manage their health and 52 percent are looking for new jobs because of this.

Real companies with real superhumans

With nearly 90,000 employees, 3M knows the importance of keeping employees healthy. Included in their large amount of health and wellness benefits, is on-site fitness centers, stress-management coaching, and an on-site pharmacy and medical center.

Facebook is known for its over-the-top perks and programs, but they definitely know how to improve employee wellbeing and health from all angles. To keep everyone moving, they have bikes to commute around campus. And for parents-to-be, they offer four months’ parental leave.

Get your entire team involved and excited about employee wellbeing. Start employee resources groups (ERGs) that focus on wellness goals, such as weight loss, diabetes management, or even support groups.

How are you improving your employees’ quality of life?

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